Small Goals: December 2018

Here we are, the last month of 2018! I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with myself for sticking with the small goals posts for a full twelve months. I haven’t decided if I’ll keep doing this publicly in 2019. Truthfully, I have no idea where this blog is going or if it should continue. At any rate, it was a fun little experiment for the year. We’ll see what happens!

The holidays can be kind of meh: all these high expectations that are never met, coupled with the stress of buying gifts (which I generally don’t enjoy doing). For this month, I thought about what kind of holiday I wanted to have and the things I would most enjoy. So I made a list, which I’ll share after we recap November: Continue reading “Small Goals: December 2018”

Small Goals: November 2018

Happy November! I hope your October was lovely and autumnal. Austin got tons of rain (seriously, record levels), so it wasn’t the perfect weather month it usually is. However, November has been positively gorgeous so far – all the golden light and cool breezes you could ask for.

We are fast approaching the holiday season and the end of the year (cannot believe it), so right now I’m taking stock of the things I’ve been neglecting and want to focus on for the rest of 2018. My small goals for November are mostly about self-care, including the stuff I don’t like doing (ahem, doctor’s office). Over the next couple of months, I want to create routines that help me take better care of myself, slow down a bit to enjoy the holidays, and tick off a few items that I’ve been avoiding for whatever reason (the reason is probably anxiety).

First, let’s revisit October’s goals: Continue reading “Small Goals: November 2018”

Small Goals: September 2018

How is it September already? Am I going to start every Small Goals post wondering where time has gone? Probably.

I’ve decided that August is my least favorite month. Sorry all you folks with birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events in August. It’s the worst. It’s still SO HOT, but school starts so summer is “over,” and there are no major holidays. I’m done with you, August.

But hey, now it’s September! That means fall is getting closer, and I LOVE FALL (just your basic white girl here). So let’s move on from stupid August’s small goals and get to the new month. Here’s what happened (or didn’t) in August: Continue reading “Small Goals: September 2018”

Small Goals: August 2018

Aaaaaaand just like that, it’s August. We are officially in the dead of summer, and I say dead, because it is so hot that the earth is dying (#climatechangeisreal). I added some pumpkin pie spices to my coffee the other day (#basic), which made me deeply yearn for fall. I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Anyway! We must press on. Small goals, here we come. But first, let’s revisit July:

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Healing My Relationship with Sleep

Waaaaay back when (as in, January), I made a goal to prioritize sleep. I know sleep is so important for my overall health, but I have been struggling with getting good sleep for, oh, months. Years, maybe. I need to heal my relationship with sleep.

Since setting that goal, I’ve been slowly but surely working on it. There have been setbacks; it’s funny how we often resist things that we know are good for us. But I feel like I’ve also made some progress. I think my biggest obstacles to healthy sleep are: anxiety (always), lack of routine, diet, and exercise. So, I aim to overcome those obstacles by doing the following: Continue reading “Healing My Relationship with Sleep”

Livin’ That Plastic-Free Life (Sort of)

One of my small goals for this month was to be more mindful of/reduce my use of single-use plastic. And apparently, this is not an original idea. Did you know Plastic-Free July was a thing? I did not know this! Talk about perfect timing.

Anyway, we’re almost midway through the month, and I’ve been amazed at how disposable plastic is everywhere. I mean, I knew this, but paying more attention has brought this fact home in a big way. Even while trying to practice minimalism, plastic just shows up in my life.

Eating out or traveling pose the biggest challenge for me. I’ll forget to bring a thermos and buy bottled water, or I’ll go to restaurants that serve drinks or food in disposable dishes. Just the other day I ordered wine from a bar, and they served it to me in a plastic (compostable! but plastic) cup.

It’s not always possible to avoid plastic, but I’m coming up with ways to do better. Here are a few:

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Small Goals: July 2018

It’s already JULY, y’all. I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year! Sometimes I feel like time has gone by so quickly. Other times, January feels like a decade ago.

June was a pretty good month. I enjoyed my birthday, got some new paid work (!), hung out with friends, ate pretty delicious meals…I can’t ask for much more. But I will anyway. 🙂

On to July’s small goals! But first, let’s recap June:

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Small Goals: June 2018

Happy June, everyone! This is my birthday month AND it’s the start of summer (school’s ooooout!), so basically it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I mean, I haven’t been in school for YEARS but there’s still something so special about summertime. Life feels slower, sweeter, more relaxed.

Let’s talk about goals! Here’s what happened in May:

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