My Top Spots for Happy Hour in Austin

Happy hour is, arguably, the best time of the day. I love a good happy hour, but a good happy hour is not always easy to find.

I mean, sure, that bar down the street offers $1 off wines by the glass and $3 domestic beers in cans during their happy hour…but does that pittance really make you “happy”?

Give me something more substantial, I say! Something worth braving horrendous rush hour traffic and postponing my after-work comfy pants!

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Small Goals: June 2018

Happy June, everyone! This is my birthday month AND it’s the start of summer (school’s ooooout!), so basically it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I mean, I haven’t been in school for YEARS but there’s still something so special about summertime. Life feels slower, sweeter, more relaxed.

Let’s talk about goals! Here’s what happened in May:

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