Everything is Temporary

Life is full of frustrations and setbacks. I often find myself getting bogged down by the negative. When I do, I try to remind myself:

Everything is temporary.

There are few things in life that are absolutely permanent and unchangeable. That’s because life itself is about growth and change.

Whatever is happening, or whatever I’m feeling, will eventually pass. The world continues to move forward, and I can, too. Everything is temporary.

It’s kind of comforting, isn’t it?


My Current Skincare Faves

I have been into skincare products and routines since I was a wee pre-teen using OG Noxema face cream and rubbing alcohol as a “toner” (note: I do not recommend this). Obviously, I’ve learned a lot since then about ingredients and what’s right for my skin. I love trying new products, but I try to keep my own routine as simple and minimal as possible.

I’m no doctor, but I believe there are four elements that are crucial for healthy skin: Continue reading “My Current Skincare Faves”

Where to Eat During SXSW

SXSW, that annual juggernaut of crazy-times, is taking over Austin March 9-18. Usually I avoid it because I am curmudgeonly and don’t like crowds or noise or standing in lines (although I may break custom and get a guest pass, and/or pop by KUTX Live at Four Seasons). But if you’re a fun person who is attending SXSW, you will probably be hungry at some point, and you will need a place to eat. Lucky you, I have some suggestions! Continue reading “Where to Eat During SXSW”

Small Goals: March 2018

New month, new goals! Wow, February flew by. I’ll admit, things have been a bit challenging for me lately (personally, politically…), and I’ve been struggling. But in the midst of it all, I’ve been telling myself two things:

  • Just breathe
  • Stay focused

It helps, sometimes. And sometimes I just have to re-watch an episode of Queer Eye to get me through the day (#FabFiveForever).

Moving on! Let’s recap last month’s small goals first: Continue reading “Small Goals: March 2018”